What is fiberglass resin?

Release time:04-03-2020

The resin used to saturate the glass fiber cloth is pol […]

The resin used to saturate the glass fiber cloth is polyester resin. This type of resin will remain slightly tacky on any surface that is cured near the air, which helps the next layer of saturated fiberglass cloth adhere to it.

Transparent polyester resins can also be used to make castings in molds, especially if the resin will be "deeper", but measures need to be taken to treat or prevent the tacky surface of the resin at the top opening of the mold.
The polyester resin is divided into two parts, but when these parts are mixed, only a few drops of the catalyst part are added to the other part of the larger volume.

(Conventional epoxy resins are usually used as coatings such as "bartop resin" or as polyurethane, or in shallow water molds or cell-thick alternatives. They also have two parts, but are usually mixed 50-50, and they are safer than polyester Resin is more suitable for lung use, although the price is slightly more expensive.)