Zhejiang Guanghua Technology Co., Ltd( hereafter referred to its brand name as KHUA) was founded in 2014. KHUA has devoted itself in the research and development of polyester resin for powder coating ever since, and it has 50000 tons’ annual capacity. KHUA was recognized by the government as a high-tech enterprise in the year of 2016, and now it has been proved as one of China’s largest suppliers of polyester resin for powder coating.

Facilitated with top-notch research equipment, advanced automatic controlling system and production line, KHUA is capable of developing new products that cater to different requirements and catch up with the leading trend in this industry.

Upholding its principle as“ Quality, Integrity and Reliability”, KHUA hopes to work with you to create a better life for our future.

Innovation and breakthrough

Not only in our R&D, innovation is also an integral element in every aspects of our management and customer service, which is now also a competitive advantage of KHUA in the market.

Focus on polyester resin

KHUA is keen on a safe, environment-friendly, sustainable business model, and try its best to minimize any potential risk to our customers, employees and environment.

Main category of KHUA products:

- Carboxylic polyester resin

 √  Out-door durable polyester resin
   √  Low temperature curing polyester resin
   √  Low gloss/dry blend polyester resin
   √  Outstanding leveling polyester resin
   √  Excellent heat resistance polyester resin
   √  Economical polyester resin

- Hydroxylic polyester resin

- Tin free polyester resi

Your global partner

We have supporting office in different regions and countries. If you need any help from us, no matter where you are, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information, please contact our customer service.